Automate the Revenue Cycle

Save Time, Reduce Costs and Optimize Resources

The remittance and reconciliation process for healthcare providers is often overcomplicated by time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks. By automating the revenue cycle with RMS, you’ll be able to process ERAs in almost half the time, increasing productivity.

* Data provided by CAQH

** Per 100,000 claims

***Data provided by MGMA

The Complete Automation Solution

Healthcare billing systems may provide partial automation, but they do not address the remittance and reconciliation process. RMS offers best-in-class automation solutions that integrate with all major healthcare billing systems and commercial banking partners to maximize automation.

Fully Secure and HIPAA/HITECH Compliant


With RMS, You Get Added Value

In addition to the services you’d expect like EOB conversion, claims submission, secure data backup and storage, RMS provides added value extras.

  • Time to Focus on Growing Your Business
  • Increased Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
  • A True Partner with the Expertise You Deserve
  • Greater Access to Data
  • Reassurance of Consistent Data Across Multiple Sources
  • A Workflow Based on Rules You Define
  • Improved Security
  • 100% U.S Based—Your Data Stays Right Here at Home

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Our Expertise in Action

We’re always refining, developing and reinventing the way we look at the healthcare remittance process. Our fully configurable automation tools translate into true gains for our clients. Learn more about who RMS is and how we operate

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