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The healthcare industry embraces technology and innovation for patient care, yet many still rely on antiquated manual systems for the revenue cycle. RMS provides true automation of the remittance and reconciliation process.

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How RMS Uncomplicates Remittance Management

Your business office receives checks, electronic funds transfers (EFTs), explanation of benefits (EOBs), electronic remittance advice (ERAs) and correspondence from dozens of sources every day. All that money and data has to be tracked and connected back to a patient visit. RMS is the only automation solution that consolidates the data and the dollars.

Without RMS

A day in the Healthcare Business Office Without RMS

A convoluted system of information that requires extensive investments in time, money and resources

With RMS

A Day in the Healthcare Business Office With RMS

A distillation of a single digital source that can be easily stored, sorted and recalled at any point

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Smart Businesses Choose RMS

ERAs are great, but still require manual processing for reconciliation. With RMS, you achieve true automation that reduces errors, increases efficiency and improves data integrity.

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Built on the industry’s most comprehensive payer information database, RMS combines more than 100 years of expertise in technology and software development with healthcare remittance processing to create our best-in-class automation solution.

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