RMS Revolutionizes the Remittance Management Workflow

RMS simplifies the entire revenue cycle by automating remittance management and eliminating manual processes. Our solution scales to fit the unique needs of any healthcare provider from a single-doctor practice to a multi-facility hospital system.

How RMS streamlines the process

Claims Submission

RMS submits claims in the right format for thousands of insurers nationwide


If selected as a service option, the patient is billed via RMS integrated services


When the patient payment is received, it is automatically matched to other relevant data to close the loop

  • After insurance payment or denial is recorded, RMS reconciles the data and dollars
  • Current and archived data is searchable for easy-to-understand analytics and reporting for faster, better decision making

Healthcare provider dashboard delivers functional reporting, normalized across multiple systems, for improved insight

RMS Integrates with All Major Healthcare Billing Systems to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Let RMS maximize your savings and eliminate

  • Paper EOBs and ERAs
  • Manual Posting of Payments
  • Manual Patient Billing
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Manual Reports
  • Difficult-to-access Archives
  • Manual Reconciliation
  • Incomplete Analytics

Healthcare Providers

Error-prone manual data entry, inconsistent data formats and insufficient reports all create bottlenecks in the revenue cycle, slowing the flow of remittance advice and payment receipts. RMS automates the complex, time-consuming remittance tasks so you can focus more on patient care.

How RMS Helps
  • Channel both manual and electronic data into a single, digital source
  • Automatically process remittance advice and patient payments
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive, manual tasks
  • Improve efficiency from initial billing through final reconciliation
How RMS Works With Healthcare Providers
  • Seamlessly integrates with all major healthcare billing systems (Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, etc.)
  • Our experts work collaboratively with your team to integrate the RMS platform into your workflow, quickly and efficiently
  • Together, we create a custom plan that outlines your investment and how that translates to future cost savings
  • Provide continuous customer support throughout the setup process and beyond

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Over 1.3 Billion Cumulative Transactions Processed


Banking Partners

Provide your healthcare customers with a best-in-class business tool that allows them to work more effectively and efficiently within their current billing system and your existing banking services. RMS helps increase the speed of the revenue cycle for improved cash flow, greater data integrity and the ability to analyze accounts to help promote growth.

Ways RMS Helps
  • Showcase your healthcare business expertise
  • Provide advanced healthcare-specific products
  • Enable your clients to streamline their healthcare business office processes
  • Remain competitive in the marketplace by offering our comprehensive suite of solutions
How RMS Works With Banking Partners
  • Deliver onboarding support and sales tools for your team to promote the solution
  • Provide a white-label version of the software or act as a referral partner
  • Utilize our experts to integrate RMS for your customers on a fast implementation cycle
  • Continuous support ensures your customers’ needs are met now and in the future

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Real Return on Investment

Automate the complex healthcare revenue cycle with RMS and experience increased ROI through streamlined day-to-day operations, accelerated revenue cycle for improved cash flow and a more efficient workforce. That’s Expertise, Electronified.

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